1950's clothing, retro clothing, rockabilly clothing, shoes, grad, weddings, Lethbridge, Alberta


Birthdays, last day of school, graduation, ladies night, divorce, stagettes, birthdays,new mom, new job.....

Whatever your reason to party, we have got you covered, choose from:

Pole Party

Go-Go Girls Theme

Flapper Theme

and coming soon Casino Showgirl

Parties can be booked Fridays, Saturday's and Sundays 10am - 8pm or weekday 10am - 3pm.

Find your party type below and book by clicking on the deposit for that party.

Pole Party Deposit

Pole Party

Make your next party a memorable with a party event. Learn some fun danc​​e moves, take some pictures and top it all off with a sexy routine. Great for birthdays, stagettes, divorce, ladies night out and more. Who needs Vegas when you can have even more fun here.  $25 per person, 1.5 hours. We book Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Pole Party Deposit

Go-Go Girls Theme Party

Are you ready to go back in time to the 70's and become a go-go girl?  

Short, fun dresses, hippy music and crazy-fun dance moves.

We provide you with the clothing to really experience the 70's along with a fun 70's style dance routine. Limited to 10 people.  Minimum 6 people. $40 per person. 2 Hours

Go-Go Girls Theme Party Deposit

FlapperTheme Party

Fringe, boas and gangsters  

Dresses that move with you, prohibition, gangsters and dance.

We provide you with the clothing so you can step back into the 20's along with a fun 20's style dance routine. Limited to 10 people.  Minimum 6 people. $40 per person. 2 hours

Flapper Theme Party Deposit

Casino Showgirls Theme

Casino Showgirls theme deposit

Private Lessons

We offer one on one lessons as scheduling permits. Each lesson is 55 minutes long.  Get professional spotting and guidance with every move.

55 minute private lesson