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Poison Dance Studio @ Ivy's

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Health Benefits of Pole Dance


Pole dancing works to improve fitness levels in all areas.

Each session taught by our instructors is safe, effective and well balanced in terms of:

Muscular strength and endurance

Cardiovascular fitness

Motor skills and flexibility

In real terms this means you will achieve positive benefits by enhancing:

Muscle tone and strength

Stability and balance

Flexibility and posture

In addition a pole dance session is an aerobic workout which will provide the following benefits:

Weight loss with an average 45 minute session burning about 250 calories

Decrease in high blood pressure and cholesterol

Increase in bone density

Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

As with any form of exercise the body produces an increased supply of endorphin's which lead to an improved feeling of well being. However pole dancing also provides a significant improvement in self esteem and confidence due to the feeling of empowerment it creates.